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Sat, Feb. 14th, 2004, 01:36 pm
dragonflychey: Valentine's Day

Googlisms: "For Valentine's Day I got"

"Um, for Valentine's Day I got Kathryn a water fountain. What? ... "

"for Valentine's day, I got a dozen roses for her. ... "

"Last year for Valentine's Day I got nothing then a few weeks later I got a black eye for my gift. ..."

"For valentine's day, i got an unexpected star ring with an itty bitty diamond."

"for Valentine's Day I got (among other swell things) the Nintendo Wavebird controller I've been lusting for "

"Valentine's Day. I got him a bag of his favorite food (Pizza flavored Combos)"

"For Valentine's Day, I got nothing... "

"For Valentine's Day, I got a pretty little ruby/diamond heart pendant, a big bouquet
of flowers, and a pound of Godiva chocolates which I promptly HID"

"For Valentine's Day, I got a headache: a tempestuous, tenacious, five-day affair that is still going strong. "

"The most unusual thing I ever got was in '82, for Valentine's Day. I got a sheep's heart wrapped in black velvet in the mail. ... "

"For Valentine's day I got to remove the toilet in the main floor bathroom. ... "

"umm ya..ok i dunno wut 2 give my baby for valenTine's day..i got him some stuff..but nothin serious..i mean i know wut he's getting me"

"for valentine's day, i got her a white rose (which symbolizes secrecy) and left it on her doorstep. ... "

"for Valentine's Day I got you tickets to the Wild Animal Park. So we can see rhinos get it on"

"For Valentine's Day, I got her a stupid bear and the "key to my heart". Cheapest gift EVER."

"So for Valentine's Day, I got him his own gator. Now we both have one!"

"Valentine's day, I got a painting that was beautiful that he had painted just for me, (and that bitch Yulanda made me throw it out)."

"... Like for Valentine's Day I got a thing in the mail and I wanted to tear it up and say, 'What is this garbage?' " </center>

Sat, Feb. 14th, 2004 01:22 pm (UTC)

Good, I'm glad he did get that sheep's heart then.