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Fri, Mar. 5th, 2004, 08:18 pm
juvenilewreck: in honor of recent events...

martha stewart is a beech
martha stewart is stalking your dog
martha stewart is annoying and elitist
martha stewart is somehow better than us
martha stewart is a marketing genius
martha stewart is running behind schedule
martha stewart is a frenzy of mudslinging
martha stewart is simply over the top
martha stewart is being harassed by the man
martha stewart is not human
martha stewart is satan disguised as a homemaker

prison is better than work
prison is for criminals
prison is in your mind
prison is vomit
prison is the answer
prison is no bar to these girl scouts
prison is alive and well
prison is vacation for some inmates
prison is associated with increased hiv
prison is better than college
prison is operated entirely outside the law
prison is to "eliminate" sex
prison is located at 1300 western boulevard

Mon, Feb. 16th, 2004, 05:27 pm
juvenilewreck: happiness is...

happiness is a cream pie
happiness is a warm computer
happiness is egg salad
happiness is free books series
happiness is a serious problem
happiness is not a right
happiness is being owned by cats
happiness is a rectilinear kitten
happiness is toy shaped
happiness is finding a pencil
happiness is not a fish that you can catch
happiness is a warm bitchfest

Sat, Feb. 14th, 2004, 01:36 pm
dragonflychey: Valentine's Day

Googlisms: "For Valentine's Day I got"

"Um, for Valentine's Day I got Kathryn a water fountain. What? ... "

"for Valentine's day, I got a dozen roses for her. ... "

"Last year for Valentine's Day I got nothing then a few weeks later I got a black eye for my gift. ..."

"For valentine's day, i got an unexpected star ring with an itty bitty diamond."

"for Valentine's Day I got (among other swell things) the Nintendo Wavebird controller I've been lusting for "

"Valentine's Day. I got him a bag of his favorite food (Pizza flavored Combos)"

"For Valentine's Day, I got nothing... "

"For Valentine's Day, I got a pretty little ruby/diamond heart pendant, a big bouquet
of flowers, and a pound of Godiva chocolates which I promptly HID"

"For Valentine's Day, I got a headache: a tempestuous, tenacious, five-day affair that is still going strong. "

"The most unusual thing I ever got was in '82, for Valentine's Day. I got a sheep's heart wrapped in black velvet in the mail. ... "

"For Valentine's day I got to remove the toilet in the main floor bathroom. ... "

"umm ya..ok i dunno wut 2 give my baby for valenTine's day..i got him some stuff..but nothin serious..i mean i know wut he's getting me"

"for valentine's day, i got her a white rose (which symbolizes secrecy) and left it on her doorstep. ... "

"for Valentine's Day I got you tickets to the Wild Animal Park. So we can see rhinos get it on"

"For Valentine's Day, I got her a stupid bear and the "key to my heart". Cheapest gift EVER."

"So for Valentine's Day, I got him his own gator. Now we both have one!"

"Valentine's day, I got a painting that was beautiful that he had painted just for me, (and that bitch Yulanda made me throw it out)."

"... Like for Valentine's Day I got a thing in the mail and I wanted to tear it up and say, 'What is this garbage?' " </center>

Tue, Jan. 6th, 2004, 12:01 am
carpy: (no subject)

genocide is such a harsh word
genocide is british propaganda
genocide is a cheese sandwich
genocide is ya coming with your team?
genocide is asinine
genocide is probably better than goi

Sat, Oct. 25th, 2003, 09:05 am
dragonflychey: (no subject)

a new community is to plunge right in with charitable giving
a new community is composed of aggressive colonizers
a new community is not a task for the faint of heart
a new community is like choosing between a vintage car and this year's model
a new community is being formed at olowalu
a new community is felt widely among the chinese
a new community is settling in
a new community is forming without computers or being tethered to a wall
a new community is "does it have an elementary school?" he noted
a new community is slowly being sculpted from the raw material of this once sleepy little farm town
a new community is born from the information flowing down the arakawa river
a new community is an exciting challenge that requires an enormous amount of energy
a new community is a great one

Sat, Oct. 25th, 2003, 09:43 am
pockettheroach: (no subject)

googlism is addictive
googlism is a completely different experience
googlism is the greatest thing since sliced bread
googlism is catching ^_^
googlism is blue forest mass
googlism is lief want zegt
googlism is just plain gobblety gook?
googlism is that it's kind of a creepy appropriation of content
googlism is sexy demotivation
googlism is an example of a meme
googlism is googlism is

Sat, Oct. 25th, 2003, 09:29 am
pockettheroach: (no subject)

Welcome to the Cult of Googlism. Have fun. Because...

fun is getting there in 'skygunners'
fun is being a "link slut" geedubyah gave me food poisoning
fun is just a call away
fun is proud to bring you education@canada
fun is good for you gordo overing
fun is a casualty of the insurance rollercoaster
fun is scheduled for disabled youngsters
fun is a robot dog? hal
fun is not an oxymoron